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Welcome to the world of Astroon Token ($AST), a unique digital currency designed to enrich your gaming experience. Here, every play, every trade, and every interaction is more than just a game - it's a step into a vast universe of possibilities.


Earn Rewards: Play games, participate in community events and earn $AST.

Exclusive Access: Use your $AST to unlock special in-game features and content.

Trade and Prosper: Buy, sell, and trade $AST on popular exchanges.

The Burn Mechanism

Discover the power behind $AST's unique economic model. A significant part of its value lies in our commitment to burning 50% of the profits generated from mobile game and animated series ad revenues.

Community and Governance

Your $AST holdings empower you with voting rights in community decisions. Influence game developments, feature updates, and more through community polls.

Compete for $AST

Engage in Astroon Games and community quests to earn $AST. Your skills and participation directly contribute to your rewards.

Join the Astroon adventure today and be a part of a gaming revolution. Start with $AST and see where the universe takes you.

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