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Meet Astro 🌟 She’s the smart and kind astronaut who loves exploring new worlds and solving puzzles With her quick-thinking brain, there’s no problem too big for her to solve. She loves learning new things and is always ready to help her friends. Astro believes in the power of kindness and teamwork, and she’s excited to go on lots of fun adventures with her best buddy, Roon, and all of you So, buckle up and get ready to explore the universe with Astro and make tons of sweet memories 🚀💙


Say hi to Roon 🚀 He’s the adventurous and friendly astronaut who is always up for a new challenge. Roon is brave and loves to explore uncharted territories, and his infectious enthusiasm makes every journey extra fun His caring heart and boundless energy make him a super buddy to have around, especially when embarking on thrilling adventures through the galaxies. Roon can’t wait to share lots of laughs, excitement, and unforgettable moments with his dear friend, Astro, and all the little explorers out there🌟💚

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